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"Controlling complexity is the essence of computer programming" ~ Brian Kernighan

We are a software development company. If you have a project, an idea or you need help to achieve your deadlines, we can provide a solution tailored to your needs. Our team of experienced programmers, has the ability to respond to your most complicated needs and offer you an optimal solution.

Our technologies

The Java world is the environment in which we develop. For the Java programming language there are many high quality open source technologies, which is an important factor in our strategy.

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Project management

Each project after proper analysis is decomposed at the tasks planning level. Each task has its own life cycle in Atlassian Jira software which we use to manage the project tasks and issues.

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Cost reduction

One of the important reasons you should choose to work with us is the possibility to achieve your goals spending less money. Our prices are very attractive thanks to our development site located in Belgrade.

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Project example

Semantic explorer

Application that allows a quick graph data search in the Neo4j database and display in the GWT interface.

Duration 4 months.

Team of 2-4 developers.

The data can be imported from RDF files in the neo4j server with the scheduled procedure, or application can connect to SPARQL enpoind to retrve data. The processed data are inserted into the Neo4j server that is connected to Lucene server in which data is indexed for very fast search data (nodes).

User interface is done in GWT.

The parameterization is done through the Spring configuration files, so it is possible to access several different sources. An application can connect to any triplestore and import data to display.